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About us

Us, that are Klaas Kamstra and Josť van Son and during the second trip to Iran and Oman in 2002/2003 we were also accompanied by our loyal Belgian shepherd dog(Malinois) Lex. In the summer of 2002 we decided to live another life, so we sold our house and quit our jobs to go and travel for the coming time in our Mercedes Iglhaut sprinter campervan. We decided to go to Oman on our first trip, we had been in Oman before and liked this country and its people very much. We also wanted to visit Iran again and try to stay a bit longer in this fascinating country. We also like Greece and Turkey very much, so we could visit these countries as well on this trip starting from Holland. December 2002 our 3 year journey started from Holland to Greece, Turkey, Iran, the UAE and Oman, returning to Greece in september 2003. From december 2004 until march 2005 another trip was made to Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, starting from Greece. By the end of 2005 we returned to Holland.

Besides travelling in our campervan we yet have another passion: alpines, mountain flora and rock gardening. Also making pictures of everything mountainous has our special interest. During our 3 year trip plans were born to organise guided botanical tours to the mountains of Greece for alpines and mountain flora enthusiasts. So, since 2005 we are visiting Greece on a regular basis, exploring the mountains and guiding people on one of our organised tours. As a result of our explorations in Greece, the Greek Mountain Flora website was started containing many pictures of plants from the major Greek mountain ranges. Also some photobooks were published, available at